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Balloon Desk

Balloon Desk

Completely awesome!

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Get Kids Writing with Lists

This is a great idea to encourage writing. It provides an opportunity to practice penmanship and encourages organization of thoughts.

Get Kids Writing with Lists.

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11 Moms at the Park

I had to laugh when I read this article about the 11 types of moms you’ll find at the park.  I have definitely been numbers 1 thru 11 at one time or another. Which mom are you? 11 Types of Moms

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Welcome to BusyDayBlog! If you are looking for endless ways to entertain and occupy your preschool aged children with intricate, award winning craft projects, you’ve come to the wrong place. If, however, you can be satisfied with the antics of a household occupying three young children, and occasionally the simplest of craft projects, I welcome you with a smile. My name is Kathryn and I am the mother of three wonderful children, Elizabeth (the event coordinator), Ian (our resident daredevil) and Sophia (well, she’s just a baby, so we’ll see what she has to offer. For now we’ll enjoy the mounds of giggles.) And, of course, our family wouldn’t be complete without my husband, Cory, who offers spontaneity and a creative spark which ignites the imaginations of all who enter this house. They keep me young and provide me with enough grey hairs to remind me that I’m the adult around here. Groan. As you browse this site, you’ll find story books I’ve written about each of my children, “out of the mouths of babes” comments frequenting the air here, and some uncomplicated but amusing arts & crafts projects. (I keep it simple, as Art was generally the lowest grade on my report card.) You’ll also find reviews of children’s literature, some parenting tips and links to other helpful (or funny) parenting blogs. So please, make yourself comfortable with your coffee, a glass of wine, some goji berry juice, or whatever relaxes you as begin your journey through these BusyDays.

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